Georgina Campbell is a photographic artist with an interest in exploring the photograph as a sculptural object, building her own cameras and experimenting with landscapes.

Winning Best Documentary Work at the Centre for Contemporary Photography (Melbourne) in 2015, she has been a finalist in numerous art prizes in Australia including the Perth Centre for Photography CLIP Awards (2016 & 2017), MAMA Art Foundation National Photography Prize (2016), Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award (2014), Alice Prize (2014), and the Monash Gallery of Art Bowness Prize (2010). Internationally, Georgina has been shortlisted in various exhibitions including the Royal Photographic Society International Print Exhibition (UK), and the Center for Fine Art Photography in Colorado, USA.

Her solo exhibitions include Open Your Mind – Tread Softly, held at the Bayside Arts & Cultural Centre, Melbourne, in 2015 and The Grandfather Paradox, at the Queensland Centre for Photography and the C3 Gallery, Abbotsford Convent, Melbourne both in 2009.

In the past, Georgina was the founder and director of the Obscurity Pictures Gallery Space in Melbourne, Australia and founded The Plastic Photo Show, an annual open entry photography exhibition for plastic lens and toy cameras, and authored The Plastic Photo Show – The Book a book celebrating the artists who had participated. She has also been a guest lecturer multiple times at universities around Melbourne, speaking about her scanner cameras and her practice as an artist. More recently, Georgina has completed a book, Strange Loop, based on her most recently body of work created at an artist residency in Iceland in 2016.

Georgina currently lives and works in London, UK and Melbourne, Australia.