Georgina Campbell
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794 (book pile)

$50.00 AUD

43cm x 61cm
pigment ink print on archival paper, 2009
Signed on the back.
Printed in 2009
Ships in a tube.
Ready for framing with plenty of white space to keep or trim.

Artist Proof / Exhibition Print

About the series:
Building thematically on works from earlier series, Bibliography (2009), further explores the scanner’s visual language established by The Grandfather Paradox: Parallel (2008). An unmodified scanner is used as the image capturing device, pushing the limits of what the scanner can see while continuing to further explore the concepts of capturing, collecting, typology, record keeping and the archive that the scanning process seems to conjure up. These works are an examination of books as sculptural objects: the shape of the books, textures, their worn used edges as graphical elements. Books are symbolic of all gathered human knowledge, the power of the written word, democratic distribution of knowledge and humanity’s potential. In keeping with the notion of archive, of which photography in general is so inextricably linked, the titles of the works are based on call numbers from the Dewey Decibel system used to catalog library books. If one were to compare the title of one of these works to the list of book classification numbers, there would be a thematic link.

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